Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Learn how to maintain your landscape lighting system with these how-to articles from the experts at VOLT® Lighting. When properly maintained, our professional grade products will last for a lifetime. That’s why our solid brass fixtures, low voltage transformers and LED bulbs are backed by our no-hassle lifetime warranty.

How to prepare landscape lighting for winter.

Easy Steps to Prepare Your Landscape Lighting Fixtures for Winter

Adjust Your Settings to Match the Shorter Days As winter…
How patina and surface stains affect landscape lighting.

Everything You Should Know About Patina & Surface Stains

Landscape lighting fixtures are usually placed in locations that leave…
How to recycle your used landscape lighting bulbs.
The How and Why of Recycling Bulbs Containing Mercury
How your landscape lighting affects lawn care.
How Landscape Lighting Affects Lawn Care
How to Weatherproof Christmas Lights
How to Use a Digital Voltmeter